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Allegany Optical In Hagerstown Believes Patients Deserve Top-Notch Service


Since 1968, Allegany Optical Hagerstown has been serving patients in the communities through comprehensive eye exams, compassionate doctors, and fast affordable service on contacts and glasses. Today, the chain employs over 20 experienced and professional optometrists, allowing Allegany Optical Hagerstown to see patients in a timely manner and oftentimes even on a walk in basis.

Allegany Optical Hagerstown knows how important good vision is to their patients. They carry a large selection of frames, from designer to economical, and while most lenses are delivered in under a week, Allegany Optical Hagerstown can have them delivered in 24 hours for patients in a pinch. Patients with any vision problem can rest easy knowing that whether nearsighted, farsighted or somewhere in between the optometrists at Allegany Optical Hagerstown can find them the perfect pair of glasses.

For contact lens wearers, patients will be glad to know that Allegany Optical Hagerstown carries all major brands including Cooper Vision, CIBA Vision, and Bausch & Lomb, and they stock lenses in a large selection of prescriptions. So patients can usually leave the office after their exam with a new pair of contact lenses.

For patients with glasses, Allegany Optical Hagerstown offers free repair for broken glasses. Simply bring them into the office where they were purchased. This is just one way of many that the staff of Allegany Optical Hagerstown believes in delivering the impeccable customer service that their patients deserve.